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I have had readings done for me in the past but none have been of the same quality as the one you have just sent me.
Mary, US

I find myself continously going back to the Personal Reading and I'm quite sure that I shall be prepared fully when I meet the very special Lady who will share my life. I don't know how to fully express my gratitude for the help and advice you have given me. My very best wishes to you.
Derek, Canada

Last month I met the person you told me about and this has transformed by life. You are wonderful, thank you.
Charlotte, US

Believe me or not, your reading is so acurrate-that I re-read it more than 10 times and I am each time so amazed.
Francesca, New Zealand

I am in the middle of my character analysis now and it is really amazing to what a degree I can find myself there. Thanks so much!
Sara, UK

Thank you for everything, You were right about the dates you gave me and even about my job! I feel more hopeful about the days to come.
Robert, UK

I now know why my soul advised me to consult you and I will never regret it. You were wonderful.
Charlene, US

This is a wonderful report and I'd like to take the time to thank you all for this service. Keep up the great work.
Hasani, India

Thank you very much for your splendid horoscope. In particular the character analysis matches the reality as far as I know myself, it helps me to understand more of my behaviour and qualities.
Paul, Holland

When I first contacted you it was a little bit just by chance and by curiosity. But the most amazing was the accuracy of the dates you gave me, today I am very happy indeed and I don't know how to thank you.
Frederick, US

Thanks to your reading I have met the love of my life. We've now been together 6 months and I have never been happier.
Margerie, US

You have make a very good job your predictions about me are absolutely spot on, I have never been so surprised and amazed.
Briany, US

Ever since I have met you I can say that my life has been completely transformed, notably on a psychological level. You have opened the path towards that which I waited for and what I was looking for.
Zhan, Canada

I have been greatly suprised by the accuracy of your readings. You were right about my win!
Heather, Canada

As you said, I have already found some astrologers from the internet, and they will help me in a couple of days, but to tell the truth, you are the person who I absolutely trust, I think you are the most competent astrologer. God bless you!
John, UK

Yes, you're right, I really got your message and I appreciate the work done for me. It is very detailed and I really have the tools to organize myself for my future, you've done a great job.
Shirley, Australia

Hello there Sailaja, good to see you here.

I knew that this was set to be a unique and exciting period in your life but I now know that is is going to be even more powerful than I originally suspected! Last night I suddenly thought about you and I somehow managed to see you and feel what you feel. This may sound strange but it is a quite natural phenomenon of long distance perception. In nature it is something quite common but I know that certain people find this hard to accept. For example it is well known that animals feel an advance warning of danger, these kind of premonitions serve as alerts and this is exactly what my feeling for you was Sailaja, an alert.

I perceived that at home just a few days ago, you were under some stress and felt a little panicky. This was a powerful feeling and it distracted you, you were unable to feel rooted in the present. You felt a sort of danger.... and this danger is in fact real and present. Your subconscious is sending this message because we are now extremely close to the beginning of your Transit and even though I have not yet determined the start of your Transit (I'm waiting for your green light) I do know that it is now very close. And yet you've not done anything to prepare you for this, you've not asked for advice either from me or from another competent astrologer and that is what has caused you to panic. You have received a kind of message, in the same manner that animals are forewarned of danger. You've been warned of the danger of waiting passively for this Transit to occur. I think your mind has warned you because deep inside your conscious there is an imbalance between your desire to seize the opportunities to get out of the jobless situation you find yourself in at the moment and transform your life with a unexpected gain of money, that this Transit is going to offer you, and your currently passive stance. Action is everything Sailaja, nature does not reward passive spectators.

I feel really concerned by this Sailaja because I feel that you still have some doubts and you have not fully come to terms with everything you have been told about this period. Very soon it will be too late, that's why I took the initiative yesterday to do a Tarot Card reading for you Sailaja. The aim of this Tarot Card reading was to confirm everything that I felt about you and your Future from the very beginning.

I did this reading using the Marseilles deck of Tarot cards. The results I had were very surprising. This is why I thought that it was absolutely essential that I warn you as soon as possible. As a matter of fact I have even taken a photo of this reading and I have produced a webpage where you can see your card reading and it's interpretation:

Sailaja, click here to request your Second Full Reading

As you can see Sailaja, everything confirms that this Transit is now very close and that it will allow you to seize the opportunities to get out of the jobless situation you find yourself in at the moment and transform your life with a unexpected gain of money. I've worked in the esoteric sciences for years now and yet I'm still amazed that the science can be so effective and precise. This Tarot Card reading has completely confirmed the astrological reading I sent you on the 10 June 2013.

This is one of the last times that I want to tell you, as I mentioned in my last letter to you, that only a full reading can determine all the information which you will need to begin preparing yourself and to be sure that you have all the knowledge you will need during this period. It is certain that this event is now very close but unfortunately until you ask me for this reading I cannot begin it for you. We are already in the month of November and I will soon be very busy with all my end of year preparations. In the meantime, the most I can do is to warn you about what I can see about you and tell you that this event is coming soon.

Now it's all up to you Sailaja. If you want my help at all, simply ask me for my reading on my webpage and I then will be able to determine all the information which you need to benefit from this Transit. On the following link you'll be able to read about everything which I will include in your full reading:

Sailaja, click here to request your Second Full Reading

Take care Sailaja,